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M(Mint)=As new.
E(Excellent)=Close examination may show very tiny flaws.
VG(Very Good)=Obviously second hand. May have minor tears, scuff marks, light staining, pencel marks, minor water damage, folds, mending, etc. In short, all sorts of minor defects.
G(Good)=Has a greater degree of the above defects. Still a good copy till a better one comes along.
F(Fair)=Has major flaws
P(Poor)-Has about the same value as a xerox. Since we are very fussy and conservative in our grading, sheets often look better than the grading indicates. In addition we specify dominant defects.

BC=back cover
B/W=black & white
CB=color bleed
CC=corner crease
DS=damp stain
ET=edge tear
EW=edge wear
IM=inside mend
IN=ink name
ITS=inside taped spine
L=large format
MS=music store stamp
NS=name stamp or store stamp
PN=pencil name
PS=price sticker or stamp
RBV=removed from bound volume
S=small format
SS=spine split
SW=surface wear
TS=taped spine
W&M=words & music

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108-145 Instrumental Ragtime, Black Related, Blues, Jazz, Etc.
1-31 Transportation
32-36 Baseball
37-49 Movie Tunes Standard Format
50-60 Show Tunes Standard Format
61-70 War, Military, Patriotic
71-107 Assorted Specialties

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108. BIG FAT HAM(Piano Solo) By Ferdinand J.Morton(Arranged By J.Lawrence Cook)1956. Cartoony Self Image Of Himself At Piano Signed "Jelly Roll" Morton. Very Good

109. THE BLUE JAY RAG(Instr)Frank Wooster 1907 Stark Publication.Blue Jay On Branch.small number mark,few small edge tears,light wear,back cover has light color bleed, Good++
110. COON'S BIRTHDAY(Instr.Cakewalk)Paul Lincke 1909.Vivid Blacks Cake Walking.VG
111. COOCKY,COOCKY,COO.(Comic Coon Song)M.J.Fitzpatrick 1896.Beautiful Color Litho Adorable Black Lovers. light ink name, few small nicks and edge tears, inside taped spine.Good+
112. DE DISAPPOINTED COON(She Was A Red Hot Member).Chas.B.Tyler,Marie Minturn.Striking ImageOf High Class Black Gal In Red Gown And Her Admirers. small ink name, store stamp.VG
113. DIS AM 'MANCIPATION DAY.Frank Montgomery, Wm.Carle.1905. Real Neat Large Color Scene Black Drum Major. light wear,Very Good
114. DON'T ADVERTISE YOUR MAN.Jim Foster 1924 Black Blues Singer Clara Smith VG M=$50
115. DON'T CARE BLUES.Composed & Published By Perry Bradford.1921.Chap With Rifle-Cannon Ball Headed Right Towards Him. Very Good
116. DON'T STOP!(Two Step Instr)Lady Garioch 1911(English Publication).Large Color Cartoon! The Cutest Black Boy In Yellow Hat & Striped Outfit. Very Good
117. THE EBONY FLYER(Instr.)E.H. Pendleton 1903.Black Couple(Stereotype Features) Riding In Automobile.Neat Large Scene.nick edge bottom of cover, inside taped spine & light mends,VG
118. EXTR'ORDINARY RAG(Instr) Otto Motzan 1915.Fancy Design Cover.inside taped spine,slight trim right side,small number stamp,edge nick.few smaller nicks inside, Good++
119. GALLOPING JASPER(A Darktown Entry)(Instr.Cake Walk) Geo.J.Trinkaus. Terrific Graphics By Edgar Keller Stereotype Black Jockey On The Run.inside mends, back cover few tiny nicks,G++
120. GOODBYE MA HONEY I'M GONE.Billy B.Johnson,Chris Smith(Black Composers)1906.Black Couple In Parlor & Unwelcomed Guest. Pic Black Entertainers"Murphy & Frances" tape on spine, G+
121. GRANDPA'S SPELLS(Instr)"Jelly Roll" Morton 1925. Red/Black Design Artwork. VG 
122. GWINE TO CHANGE DAT WHITE HOUSE BLACK. D.L. Miller 1903. Terrific Topical Graphics!Black Folks Headed Towards Presidential White House.Pic Black Postmaster. #marks, mends, G
123. THE IRISH WERE EGYPTIANS LONG AGO.A.Bryan,(Chris Smith Black Composer) 1920. Lovely Egyptian Gal(Pyramids) Surrounded By Shamrocks.inside taped spine, mod.wear,Good+
124. MISSOURI RAG(Instr)Silverman & Ward(Insert Pics).few edge tears & nicks,mod.wear,Good++
125. MONEY WAS MADE FOR COONS TO SPEND.Harry Wellmon 1904. Outstanding "Coon" Cover.BlackDandy In Limo,Luggage Marked "Klondike",Diamond Headlites,Great! Insert Photo Possibly Black Composer In Mini Auto.Very Good
126. MOROCCO BLUES.Clarence Williams & Joe Jordan(Black Composers & Publisher) 1926. Oriental Snake Charmer,Inset Photo Rita Gould. name stamp & small date. VG
127.THE PANAMA PACIFIC RAG(Song) Willie Weston & Mike Bernard(Photos) 1911, VG
128. THE PEACH(A RAG) Arthur Marshall1908 Stark Music Publication. Lovely Peaches.Excellent
129. RACHEL RUBENSTEIN'S RAG(Song) S. Lewis, Geo.Meyer 1912. Comical Yiddish Dialect, VG
130. THE RAGTIME ENGINEER(Song)Sam Lewis,Clay Smith 1912.Great Train Graphics!Cameo Maude Raymond.small number sticker,inside mend(brown tape),moderate wear,G+
131. THE RAG TIME GERM.W. Weston,Dave Clark 1911. Weird Germ Character Plays Piano. VG
132. RAGTIME NICK. Betty Morgan,Ernest Breuer 1912."Ragtime Nick" Playing Piano. VG
133. SPREAD YO' STUFF(Blues De Luxe).Al Bernard,Levy,Crane 1921.Politzer Terrific Graphics Stereotype Hep Black Couple Spreadin' Their Stuff On Dance Floor. Very Good
134. TANGUAY RAG.Blanche Merrill 1910.Outstanding Full Length Photo Eva Tanguay. VG
135. TE-NA-NA FROM NEW ORLEANS.The Two Robinsons 1911.Great Pic Composers. lt.wear,VG
136. THE DYING RAG. Irving Berlin, Bernie Adler 1911.Insert Photo Sophie Tucker.G++ M=$100
137. THAT KLEPTOMANIAC RAG.Ben Deely 1913. Theif Climbing In Window With Flashlight. VG 
138. THAT RAGTIME HARMONY STRAIN. H.Mohr,L.Bennett. 1914 Stereotype Black Cello Player.
139. THAT RAGTIME SUFFRAGETTE.Harry Williams,Nat Ayer 1913  From Show "Ziegefeld Follies Of 1913"Couple Dancing On Bald Headed Man. Terrific Suffragette Lyrics! VG
140. THAT TOMAHAWK RAG. Earl Downing,Allen  Spurr 1912 Published In Marion,IN By Composer.SuperLarge Bold Image Of Indian Chief Feathered Head Dress. VG
141. THERE'S NO COON THAT'S ONE HALF SO WARM.(Negro Bully Song) O'Dea & Garrett. Tough Lookin' Dandy Wearing Shiny Diamonds.taped spine,light wear, Very Good
142. THEY PUT THE LAST CLEAN SHIRT ON BILL TODAY.Chris Smith & Henry Troy(Black Composers)Their Photos On Cover. clear taped spine, few small nicks and edge tears, Good+
143. THE WAR IN SNIDER'S GROCERY STORE.Hancock,MacDonald,Carroll 1914.Comical Busy Scene In Grocery Store! Cans & Bottles Of Food Flying Of The Shelves In Protest. light wear, VG
144. THE YIDDISHA RAG. McKeon,Harry M.Piano(Berlin),Walker.1909. Humorous Yiddish Dialect. taped spine, small pencil mark Noted Inside Ded.To Sophie Tucker. moderate wear,Good++
145. WEEPING WILLOW (RAG) Scott Joplin 1903 Published By Val.A.Reis St.Louis,MO. Willow Trees & Lady.Ded.To The Pawnee Club,St.Louis,MO.few edge tears & cover stains, G++ M=$100

1. THE AIRLINE MARCH(Instr)Edgar W.Croft 1919(Large Format)Photo Alfred Lawson Plus Passenger Airline. light edge stain,tiny back cover nick,Very Good. Min.Bid $13
2. AUTOMOBILE TWO STEP(Instr)Rose DeHaven 1907. Gal Steering Auto. Mod.wear, G+ M-$15
3. AUTOTANGO(Instr)Jiri Cerveny 1930(Large Format)Foreign Lyrics & Publication.Full Color Image Trendy Couple In Convertible. Great Art Deco Graphics! small edge tears,moderate wear,G+ M-15
4. BELSIZE WALTZ(Instr)R.Jamieson 1912(English Pub.By Belsize Motors, Ltd.)Super Large Photo Gal Seated In Elegant Automobile. inside taped spine, small edge tears, Good++ M-$30
5. BUMP,BUMP,BUMP IN YOUR AUTOMOBILE.Lew Brown,Albert Von TIlzer 1912.Couple On Bumpy Road, Cute Border Cartoons Of Cat In Auto. light inside mends,light wear, VG. Min.$10
6. COME ON FOR A JOLLY GOOD TIME.Ed.Flanders,Hattie Guilford 1916.Nice Size Auto With Jolly Passengers.few faint folds, small edge tears,moderate to light wear,Good++ Min.Bid $15
7. COME TAKE A JITNEY WITH ME.James Thatcher 1915(Vanity Pub.By Composer).Comical Scene Animated Smiling Bus With Passengers.Pic Composer.small edge tears,lt wear,G++ Min.$15
8. COME TAKE A TRIP IN MY AUTOMOBILE.Burton,Morrissey1912.Chap In Limo Flirting With Pretty Gal.Full Cover Scene. inside mend on bottom of cover, Otherwise Very Good. Min.Bid $13
9. GET AN AUTOMOBILE.M.H.Watts 1906.Pretty Gal Drives Early Car,Pic Ethel Levey.VG. M-$13
10. THE GIRL AND THE GAME.Radford,Whiting 1916 Drawing Action Escape Scene From Silent Movie With Helen Holmes Featuring Train&Auto. inside taped spine,mod. wear,small nicks,G+ M-13
11. HAPPY TOM O'DAY.Byron Gay 1915.Irish Chap In Back Seat Of "Hupmobile" Race Driver At Wheel.slight all around trim,taped spine,insert music pages are from Professional Copy.Good. M-$8
12. I LOVE MY HORSE AND WAGON, BUT OH! YOU BUICK CAR.Smalley,Adler 1909.Action Scene Chevy Race Car,Photo Louis Chevrolet & Others.light wear,Very Good. Min.Bid $30
13. IN A HUPMOBILE FOR TWO. Brady,Alexander 1910.Delightful Scene Couple In name and date, name stamp, light wear,back cover has border pencil writing,VG. Min.Bid $15
14. IN MY AUTOMOBILE.Homer,Cormack 1906.Nice Size Scene!Couple In Vintage Convertible.edge wear, inside taped spine,Fair/Good. Min.Bid $13
15. I'M GETTING READY FOR MY MOTHER-IN-LAW.Jack Norworth 1906.Comical Scene Chap With His Horrified Mother-ln-Law On The Verge Of Driving Car Off Cliff. Neat Verses.VG. M-$13
16. THE MOTOR MARCH(Instr)Geo.Rosey 1906. Great  Photo Gal In Auto.mod. wear, G++.M-$13
17. MOTORCYCLE MICHAEL WITH ME. James Ellis 1913.Couple On Two-Seater Motorcycle.small edge tears,moderate wear,inside taped spine,Good++.Min.Bid $15
18. MOTORCYCLE RACE MARCH(Instr)Frank Brower 1915.Neat dwg Motorcycle Racers.G+.M-15
19. MISTER WHITNEY'S LITTLE JITNEY BUS.Brown,Gaskill 1915.Merry Passengers In Jitney Bus.small ink name, light wear,Very Good. Min.Bid $15
20. MR.GOSHAWFUL LOOSE IN HIS GALLOPIN' GOOSE.Davidson,Kincaid 1923.Chap Causing Havoc In Town With His Homemade Comical Auto. few folds,moderate wear,Good+ Min.Bid $10 S
21. MUZZLE THE BACK SEAT DRIVER(AND DRIVE WHEREVER YOU MAY).Alfred McDermott 1928.Very Comical Graphics! Accidents Caused By Backseat Drivers. Very Good.Min.Bid $15 S
22. MY AUTO GIRL. M,Searles 1904.Lge.Scene!Gal Driving Auto In Fashionable Gear. VG. M-$15

23. OUT IN AN AUTOMOBILE. B.Evans 1905. Moonlite Scene Lovers, Neat Vintage Auto. VG. M-15

24. OVERLAND. E.F.Buckmeyer 1925.Cameo Gal At Wheel + Back Cover Photo Large Four Door "All Steel" Sedan Priced At $715.Signed Compliments Of Composer.light wear,G++.M-$13 S Format
25. THE PEERLESS MARCH(Instr)Joseph E.Howard 1917.Ded.To The Peerless Motor Car Co.Vivid Graphics Couple Silver Streamline Automoble. Min.Bid $18 Very Good
26. PONTIAC(THAT'S THE CAR FOR ME).Nelson Bell 1927 Canadian Pub. Pontiac Car On Indian Reservation And Pretty Indian Gal .small inside mend on cover tear,slt. wear,Good++M-$13 S
27. TAKE ME OUT IN A JITNEY BUS(AND POSE AS A MILLIONAIRE). Garrahan,Ruddy 1915. Chap Driving "5 Cents" A Ride Jitney Bus. ink name, inside taped spine, lt. wear, G++ M-15
28. THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE GOES WITH IT.J.Louis Mac Evoy 1907 Pub.By Seattle Brewing(Rainier Beer Ad)Super Colors!Pretty Gals In Auto & Great Back Cover Ads Auto,Classy Cafe,,VG M-$30
29. TIN LIZZIE. Luebtow,Burkholz 1925.Old Ford Auto Needs Repair.mod.wear,Good+M-$15 S
30. TOURING. Geo.Edwards 1907.Couple "Touring"Cute Auto. small ink name, G++M-$13
31. STAVER(MARCH SONG) Wayman,Purdy 1911.Great Race Car Scene + Back Cover Photo The Latest  "Staver 1912" Convertible. light ink name, small inside mend, light wear Good++M-$18

32. BABE RUTH WE KNOW WHAT HE CAN DO)J.W.Spencer 1928.Babe Ruth At Bat. M-$15 VG
33. LET'S KEEP THE DODGERS IN BROOKLYN.Denoff,Persky 1957.Phil Foster/Stadium.M-13 VG
34. MARCH OF THE CARDINALS.(Song)Geoge M.Cohan 1937."Official March Of The St. Louis National Baseball Club" Two Red Birds Perched On Baseball Bat. Very Good. Min.Bid $20
35. SLIDE,BILL,SLIDE.John Lowitz 1909.Neat Baseball Field Action By "Frew" 3 Players.small edge tears,moderate wear,G++ Min.Bid $18
36. TRI STATE MARCH(Instr) Harry J.Lincoln 1906 Vandersloot Pub.Baseball Players(Various Positions) & Huge Ball.Very Good. Min.Bid $15

37. The Headless Horseman.DISNEY'S THE ADVENTURES OF ICHABOD AND MR.TOAD.Raye,DePaul 1949.Cartoons Ichabod,Mr.Toad & Katrina,Headless Horseman.VG M-$25
38. Raftero(Instr).BOLERO Ralph Rainger 1934.George Raft,Carole Lombard.Additional Front And Back Cover Dance Photos Of The Two Stars.Scarce! small name stamp, light wear,VG. Min.Bid $25
39. You Do Something To Me.CAN-CAN(English Pub.)Cole Porter 1960 Movie.Frank Sinatra,Shirley MacLaine + Others. Scarce! small price sticker and faint store stamp,Very Good. Min.Bid $25
40. Curly Top.CURLY TOP.Koehler,Henderson 1935. Pic Shirley Temple.moderate wear, G+. M-$10
41. Ridin' Down The Trail To Albuquerque. HARLEM ON THE PRAIRIE.Hershey,Swander 1937.Insert Photo "The Four Blackbirds"Black Cast Movie.horizontal fold, Very Good. Min.Bid $25
42. Chula,Chihuahua.THE HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY.Styne,Castle,Clare 1940.Photo George Raft,Joan Bennett.Scarce! small price sticker Raft's Jacket,inside pencil notes, VG. Min.Bid $25
43. Laugh You Son-Of-A Gun.LITTLE MISS MARKER Robin,Rainger 1934.Shirley Temple. Mod.Wear,G+.M-10
44. One Little Kiss From You.THE MIDSHIPMAID(English Pub.)Grey,Gay.1933 Beautiful Photo Jessie Matthews.moderate wear, light edge wear,corner crease, Good++ Min.Bid $15
45. We're Back In Circulation Again.ONE IN A MILLION.M.Pollack 1936.Sonja Henie.VG.M-$10.
46. My Imaginary Sweetheart.PROFESSIONAL SWEETHEART.Eliscu,Akst 1933.Ginger Rogers. VG M-$15
47. My Man.ROSE OF WASHINGTON SQUARE.Willemetz,Charles,Yvain,Pollock 1939 Movie.Alice Faye, Al Jolson (In Blackface),Tyrone Power.faint store stamp,cor. crease, mod. wear,G+ M-$10
48. The World In His Arms.THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS.F.Herbert,Skinner 1952.Gregory Peck,Ann Blyth.small pencil number,very light back cover corner stain,Otherwise Very Good. Min.Bid $25
49. Minnie From Trinidad.ZIEGFELD GIRL(American Movie Title)Argentina Pub.Roger Edens 1941. Alternate Photo Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr, Lana stamp, mod.wear,G+.M-$25

SHOW TUNES          LARGE FORMAT (Exceptions Noted)     MIN.BIDS NOTED
50. I Love You.GEORGE WHITE'S SCANDALS.Arthur Jackson,George Gershwin 1921.Eve In The Garden Of Eden. inside taped spine, tiny nick,light wear,Good++ Min.Bid $25 Standard Format
51. The Wireless Heart.THE GIRL FROM HOME.Chaven,Hein 1920.mod.wear,lt.stain,G+ M-$8 S
52. Frieda.THE GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG.M.E.Rourke,Jerome Kern 1908.Vivid Graphics Double Headed Bird.light wear, Scarce! Very Good. Min.Bid $25
53. My Yellow Jacket Girl. THE HONEYMOON EXPRESS.Atteridge,Schwartz 1913.Cameo Photo Al Jolson, Drawing Honeymoon Train.light wear,Very Good. Min.Bid $10
54. Jack O'Lantern Man.THE JIM-JAM REVUE.Madden,Silvers 1917.Cute Gals In Cat Costumes. ink name, few small edge tears, light wear,Good++ Min.Bid $13
55. In Happy Slumberland.LITTLE NEMO.H. Smith,V. Herbert With Helen Holmes.1908 Windsor McCay Cartoon "Dr.Pill"/Others.back cover missing,Music Complete, bottom cor. sm clip, Fair.M-$8
56. My Mimosa.MY PRINCESS.Donnelly,S.Romberg 1927.Pic Hope Hampton.VG.Stnd.Size.M-$10
57. Ten O'Clock Town.SEA LEGS.Swanstrom,Cleary 1937.Dancing Sailor Gals. mod.wear,G+.SM-8
58. I'm Going Back To Dixie.SHE KNOWS BETTER NOW. Irving Berlin, Snyder 1912.Photo May Irwin. Scarce! inside taped spine,tiny spine holes, inside mends,mod.edge wear, G+ M-$35
59. I Wonder Why She Kept Saying Si,Si,Senor.SINBAD.Lewis,Snyder 1918.Pic.Al Jolson.G+,M-13
60. Forever And A Day.SPEAKEASY.Bibo,John Philip Sousa,sticker,lt.wear,G++,S.M-25

61. AMERICAN BOY SWAT THE KAISER!Howard,Hunt 1917 WWI.Yank About To Club The Kaiser With His Rifle.Neat Scene.slight edge wear,G++. Min.Bid $18
62. DON'T FORGET THE BOYS.Jolson,Atteridge,Ahlert 1919.WWI Size.Al Jolson,Troops.VG.M-10
63. IN THE OCEAN DEPTHS(Instr.Funeral March) For The Lost On Battleship Maine.Spanish American War Mattie Hutchinson 1898.Sinking Ship.piece miss.back cover,Music Ok, G++.Min.$15
64. IS THERE ANY BETTER COUNTRY THAT THE USA?H.Eldridge 1912.Large Patriotic Image Uncle Sam And USA mark, moderate wear,G++.Min.Bid $13
65. THE JACKIES OF THE U.S.N.(Song)C.Hoomes 1909.Large Photo Sailors Aboard The USS Alabama.some edge wear and nicks,pencil name,taped spine,Fair/Good.Min.Bid $8
66. MARCHING THROUGH GERMANY.T.Tresidder 1917 WWI. Yanks Attack.light wear, G++ M-15
67. THE NATIONAL GUARD SONG McPhee,Haight 1916 WWI.Vintage Photo Group Of Yanks On Battlefield.light border fading,small cover nick,Otherwise Very Good. Min.$25
68. RED,WHITE AND BLUE HAWAII.WWII T.Todaro 1942 Pub.In Honolulu. Pearl Harbor Photos On Back Cover:Hickam Field,Various Forts & Barracks. Excellent Condition.Min.Bid $25 S
69. TAKE YOUR GUN,TAKE YOUR HAT.WWII.Horowitz 1944.Color Image Sailor&,G++.M-8 S
70. VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY.Morales1945 F.D.Roosevelt & Eagle. Scarce! VG M-$15 S

71. ALEXANDRIA.Black,Moret 1923.Vivid Egyptian Graphics.Back Cover Photo Alexandria EgyptianTheatre In San Francisco Opening Day 11/26/23.pencil name&dates,light wear,VG.M-10 S
72. ALL THE KNICKER KNOCKERS...Kahn,Egan,Whiting 1923.Pretty Gal Golfer! VG Min.$15 S
73. AMER PICON POLKS(Instr)Emilo Monestes Circa 1880 French Pub.Color Litho Ad With Shiny Gold Highlights Bottle Of "Amer Picon" Bitter Cordial Liqueur Often Used As Digestive Aid. M-$25 L
74. THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR.Kennedy,Burke 1919."Ded.To Samuel Gompers" Scenes Of Laborers In Various Trades Around Large Logo.small top scuffs,tiny number stamp,mod.wear,G++.M-$15 S
75. ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? Turk,Handsman Circa 1950 Australian Pub.Photo Al Jolson("The Last Record Made By Al Jolson) few stains,corner crease,moderate wear,G+.M-$8 S
76. AT THE NEW GRILL LEON.Herman Hupfeld 1929 Pub.In Hupfeld's Home Town Montclair,NJ.Terrific Menu Included (Composer Listed As Part Of Entertainment Group). light wear,small mend,G++. Min.$15 S
77. AT THE YIDDISH WEDDING JUBILEE.Piantadosi,Glogau,McCarthy 1914.Cute Kewpie Like Rabbi & Wedding Couple Taking Vows.spine separated, edge tears,nicks,Fair. Min.$8 L
78. BE MY LITTLE TEDDY BEAR.B.Hoffman 1907.Adorable Teddy Bears.fews mends, G+. M-$10 L
79. CHAMBERLIN AND LINDY.MacBoyle,King 1927.Photo Chas.Lindbergh,Clarence Chamberlin,Charles Levine. VG. Min.Bid $15 S
80. CUDDLE UP AND CLING TO ME.Murphy,Marshall 1912.Pic Mae tears,G+.M-13
81. DAYTONA SHORES.(Florida)B.Walker 1926.Golf, Autos, Polo, Bathing Beauties, VG,M-13 S
82. DREAM ROSE.Stone,Nordmark 1931.Art Deco Rose,Photo Pete Pontrelli Calif.Band.VG.M-10 S
83. EV'RY MORNING SHE MAKES ME LATE.DeSylva,Kahn,Jolson 1918.Photo Al Jolson. removed from bound volume, slight trim,spine separated,inside nick & mends(Music Ok), G. M-8 L
84. GERONIMO'S OWN MEDICINE SONG.C.Troyer 1917.Great 1886 Photo Apache Chief "On The Warpath" Images"Apache Wigwam","End Of The Trail" "Swastika" Symbol. VG. M-35 L
85. HARRY TRUMAN. R.Lamm 1975.Large Photo President Truman. light wear,VG. Min.Bid $8 S
86. I SENT A LETTER TO SANTA(WWII Song)Meskill,Stock,Rose1942.Al,VG M-8 S
87. I'LL SING YOU A SONG ABOUT DEAR OLD DIXIE LAND.Creamer & Layton(Black Composers) Nice Size Color Photo Al Jolson. ink name, light wear,Very Good. Min.Bid $10 S
88. THE IRON KING MARCH(Instr) F.St.Clair 1895 Great Image Of Andrew Carnegie & His Iron Producing Plants. small name stamps,moderate wear,G++ For Age. Min.Bid $35 L
89. KANE'S FUNERAL MARCH(Instr)Wm.Shuster 1857 Fine Litho("Sherwin Del." From Photograph) Noted Artic Explorer & M.D,(USN) Elisha Kent Kane. removed bound volume,mod.wear,VG, M-$18
90. DISNEY'S MICKEY MOUSE MARCH SONG  & ALMA MATER SONG.Jimmy Dodd  1975 Mickey Mouse Club TV Item.Colorful Clubhouse Scene From Their Record Album Annette,etc. Very Good. Min.Bid $15 S
91. MUSIC VALE SEMINARY QUICK STEP(Instr)Whittlesey 1855."Sarony" Litho The First Music Academy In The U.S.(Salem, CT)Founded By Composer.removed bound volume, G+ M-$18 L
92. MY LITTLE TEXAS QUEEN.Vanity Pub.By Composer Sam Schiller.Image Pretty Cowgirl. pencil writing "Now Remick"(Pub.) & date,few tiny pencil marks top corner.light wear,VG. M-$18 L
93. OMAHA IS MY OWN TOWN.Vanity Pub.By Composer Dick Bruun 1914.Large Photo Composer(?)Super Imposed On Omaha's Downtown Business Area.Noted Stores, name,mod.wear,G++. M-$15 L
94. ON THE MISSISSIPPI.MacDonald,Carroll 1912.Pic Al Jolson,Boat.inside taped spine,G+.M-8 L
95. ON THE PORTLAND TRAIL(Lewis-Clark Expo Song)J.Burnett 1905.Neat Vivid Images Covered Wagon-Pullman Train-Intl.Mix Of Costumed Visitors,Exotic Animals.taped spine,name, G+ M-25
96. OUR MOTHER'S OF LIBERTY(KKK SONG).Tillery,Windle 1924 Kansas City,MO Pub. Klan Woman In Full Patriotic Costume Holding Burning Cross & European Thug With Bloody,M-$35 S
97. POLICE RESERVES MARCH(Instr)E.Rosenbaum 1918."Harrison Fisher"Artwork.Handsome WWIHome Defense Guard Which Was Created In 1918.Publisher's Name Stamp,VG. M-$28 L
98. RIVERSIDE WALTZ SONG.Smith & Smith (Published In Springfield,MA) 1913.Wonderful Vintage Photo Titled "Riverside Park On Sunday Afternoon".inside taped spine,moderate wear,small scuffs,G++.M-$13 L
99. SALUTE TO PANAMA(Instr)J.K.Johnson 1914.Large Historic Photo "First Steamship Going Thru The Panama Canal" slight edge wear,otherwise Very Good. M-$15 L
100. SAN FRANCISCO-PANAMA 1915 MARCH(Instr) D.Gallur 1911.Two Wonderful Photos The Palace Hotel & Market ST. Ded.To Panama-Pacific fold,mod. wear, G+. M-$35 L
101. SONS OF THE DESERT(SPHINX TEMPLE LODGE SONG) C.Waite 1930(Pub.Hartford,CT). Egyptian Camel Rider,Pyramids,Sphinx. small date stamps,moderate wear,Good+.Min.$8 S
102. SPRING WILL BE SO SAD (WHEN SHE COMES THIS YEAR)WWII Song Bonds,Dickenson 1941.Photo Glenn Miller. Scarce! light wear, G++.M-$28 S
103. TELEGRAPH MARCH(Instr)J.Harding 1922 Pub.Oak Park,IL.Great Group Photo "Western Union Messengers Band" shows some overall moderate wear,Fair/Good. Min. Bid $8 S
104. THERE'S ALWAYS SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAIN.P Dale 1924.Proceeds Benefit Shriner's Hospital Crippled Children(Lu Lu Yacht Club Atlantic City,NJ).Ship+ Logos/Back Cover Scene.mod.wear,G++.M-15 S
105. WHAT NO MICKEY MOUSE?(Disney)Irv Caesar 1932. Mickey Mouse! crn.crease,VGM-28 S
106. WHICH SWITCH IS THE SWITCH,MISS,FOR IPSWICH? David,Barnett,Darewski1915.Terrific Large Photo Al Jolson. light wear,Very Good.Min.Bid $15 L
107. THE YELLOW FELLOW(Instr)Bicycle Ad.W.Rogers 1896. Ded.To The Riders Of The Stearns Bicycle.Litho Blacksmith's Arm/Hammer In Bike Wheel. taped spine, crns. rounded, G++. M-$18 L

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