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TELEPHONE BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED TILL 8PM PACIFIC, 11PM EASTERN TIME ON THE CLOSING DAY. The music in this catalog is available to the best offer over the minimum. All bids over $15.00 will be lowered to 10% over the next highest bid. Bidding accuracy is your responsibility, NO CORRECTIONS ACCEPTED AFTER THE DEADLINE. There is a minimum shipping and handling charge of $4.50

M(Mint)=As new.
E(Excellent)=Close examination may show very tiny flaws.
VG(Very Good)=Obviously second hand. May have minor tears, scuff marks, light staining, pencel marks, minor water damage, folds, mending, etc. In short, all sorts of minor defects.
G(Good)=Has a greater degree of the above defects. Still a good copy till a better one comes along.
F(Fair)=Has major flaws, P(Poor)-Has about the same value as a xerox. Since we are very fussy and conservative in our grading, sheets often look better than the grading indicates. In addition we specify dominant defects.
D=Drawing, B/W=black & white, SS=spine split, TS=taped spine, ITS=inside taped spine, IN=ink name, PN=pencil name, NS=name stamp or store stamp, ET=edge tear, WRK=wrinkled, L=large format, S=small format, RBV=removed from bound volume, O/W=otherwise, CC=corner crease, PS=price sticker or stamp, EW=edge wear, SW=surface wear, W&M=words & music, DS=damp stain, BC=back cover, CB=color bleed, IM=inside mend, MS=music store stamp

or consignment.


1-33 Instrumental Ragtime
34-45 Syncopated Instrumentals
46-95 Movie Tunes Standard Format
96-146 Show Tunes Standard Format
147-156 Instrumentals Large Format
157-174 War-Military-Patriotic
175-210 Assorted Specialties
211-248 Assorted Songs

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1. ALL THE MONEY(RAG) Raymond Birch(Charles L. Johnson) 1908. Gal With Dog. inside mends, Condition Is Very Good.
2. BEEDLE-UM-BO(RAG) Raymond Birch(Charles L. Johnson) 1908. Design Cover. moderate edge wear, Condition Is Good
3. THE BLACK CAT RAG Wooster & Smith 1906. Black Cats. light wear, Condition Is Very Good
4. THE CASCADES RAG Scott Joplin 1904. Published By John Stark. Image St.Louis Expo Ornate Waterfalls. inside taped spine, light inside mends, light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $75.
5. CHATTERBOX RAG George Botsford 1910. Pretty Gal.clear taped spine,light wear,Condition Good++
6. COTTON BABE(RAG) Percy Wenrich 1909. Pretty Gal.sticker,tiny edge tears,Condition Is Good++
7. COTTON BOLLS(RAG) Chas.Hunter 1901. Black Kids,Cotton Bolls.inside taped spine, inside mends,moderate wear, Condition Is Good++

8. FIG LEAF RAG Scott Joplin 1908. Published By Stark Music Co. Pretty Gal With Fig Leaf. taped spine, corner clip,inside mending, back cover nicks mended, Condition Is Fair to Good. Minimum Bid $50.
9. FRANCO AMERICAN RAG Jean Schwartz.1910 Design Cover.clear taped spine,Condition Very Good
10. THE GRIZZLY BEAR RAG George Botsford 1910. Huge Grizzly Bear.light wear, Condition Is Very Good
11. HIGH LIFE RAG Harry Levinsohn & Robt.D.Sharp 1913. Published By Composer Robt.Sharp In Denver, CO.Cowboy In Bucking Horse. corner clip,some edge and surface wear,Condition Is Fair
12. HORSESHOE RAG Julia Lee Niebergall 1911. number stamp, Condition Is Very Good
13. MA RAGTIME BABY Fred S.Stone1898. Neat Classy Black Couple. inside taped spine, number stamp,light inside mends, moderate wear, Condition Is Very Good
14. THE MEADOW LARK RAG Tom Pitts1916. Singing Bird. old tape mending on the inside, front and back covers, name sticker, Music Not Affected, Condition Is Fair.

15. MINNESOTA STREET RAG Fred Swanson 1903. Published In St.Paul MN. Great Drawing Local Town Scene, Black Gent Strolling. Terrific Graphics! ink name, moderate wear,Condition Is Very Good
16. MISERY BLUES Henry Lodge 1918. Weeping Moon,Howling Dog.few nicks,Condition Is Good+
17. NOVELTY RAG May Aufderheide 1911. Design Cover. music store stamps,Condition Is Good++

18. O, YOU MINSTREL MAN Song By Clark Ramsdail 1912. Super "Coon" Cover Black Minstrel Entertainers. few tiny edge tears, Condition Is Very Good.

19. THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP A GAL, IS TO KEEP HER IN A CAGE. Song By Ragtime Pioneer Ben Harney. Black Gal In Cage-Boyfriend With Key. Neat "Coon" Cover. inside taped spine, light edge wear, Condition Is Good++

20. PORE LIL MOSE(Cakewalk)  W.H.Anstead 1902. Outstanding Comic Strip Cartoon Of Black "Lil Mose" By R.F.Outcault. Dedicated To The NY Herald.inside taped spine, Condition Is Very Good
21. POSSUM AND TATERS(RAG) Charles Hunter 1900. Blacks Hunting & Feasting On Possum.inside taped spine,inside mends, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++
22. RAG BAG RAG Harry J.Lincoln.1909. Black Chap With Tattered Rags.taped spine, few nicks, moderate wear, Condition Is Good
23. RAG MEDLEY Max Hoffman.1897. Black Banjo Players & Clothes Line.taped spine, inside mends,moderate wear, pieces of tape on corners, Condition Is Good+
24. RUN, MISTER NIGGER Song By Frank Kent & Henry Lower. Great Drawing Frightened Black Chap On The Run. inside mending, faint line crease, light wear, Condition Is Good++
25. RED RAMBLER RAG Julia Lee Niebergall 1912 First Edition.  name stamp, light wear, Condition Is Good++

26. SAKES ALIVE(A DARKTOWN SURPRISE)  Stephen Howard. Terrific Black Mammy! By Noted Illustrator Edgar Keller. slight chipping along borders, Otherwise Condition Is Good++
27. THE ST.LOUIS RAG By Black ComposerTom Turpin 1903. Birdseye View St.Louis Expo.Condition Is Very Good
28. THAT DAWGGONE RAG Maurice Smith 1913. Funny Chap & Puppy.light creasing,Condition Good++

29. THAT MILITARY RAG(A MARTIAL SPASM)Song J.E.Andino-Schuyler Greene 1912. Comical Black Military Band By Hirt. pencil name,top scuff, moderate wear,backcover small ink stains, Condition Good++

30. THAT SPOOKY RAG(Song) Geo.Roesch-Louis Panella 1912. "Spooky" Dancing Skeleton Playing Clarinet. light wear, small back cover nick Otherwise Condition Is Very Good.

31. THE THOMPSON STREET CADETS "Coon" Song. Charles Shackford.1897. RARE E.T.Paull Publication. Comical Black Brigade Of Marchers. few small edge tears, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $100.
32. WHISTLING RAG(Song) By Irving Berlin.  Novel Silhouette Of Two Whistling Men,Cameo Photo Sophie Tucker. line creases, inside mend on small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++

33. YOU'RE A GRAND OLD RAG(Song) By Geo.M.Cohan From Show "George Washington Jr." RARE lst Edition With "Rag"  Instead Of "Flag" In Title. Patriotic Image Washington. light wear, Conditon Good++
34. A-LA-CARTE(One Step). Abe Holzmann 1915.Cute Clowns & Black Cats.inside taped spine, light wear, Condition Is Good++
35. CAMOUFLAGE(One Step) J.Bodewalt Lampe 1917. Classy Threesome On Theatre Balcony. light ink name & music store stamp, light inside mend, Condition Is Very Good.
36. CASTLE INNOVATION TANGO.By  Black Composers James Reese Europe & Ford T.Dabney 1914 Photo Mr.& Mrs. Vernon Castle. moderate wear, Condition Is Good+
37. DEMI-TASSE(One Step Or Castle Walk).By Ragtimer Henry Lodge1914 Neat Dance Couple & Demi-Tasse Coffee Cup.light inside mends, moderate wear, slight backcover color bleed, Condition Is Good+
38. GINGERINE(A Foot Warmer).Bert Elliott & Edwin Osgood 1907 Cartoony Dancing Feet Wearing Spats. clear taped spine, inside mend on edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+
39. LIMBERJACK(One Step).Don Richardson & Leonard Joseph 1917. Delightful Puppetman Pulling His Own Strings. ink name,number stamp, inside mend on small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++
40. MORE CANDY(One Step).Mel Kaufman 1917.Vivid! Drawing Pretty Dancing Gal. cover nick mended, inside mending, small name stamp and pencil mark,moderate wear, Condition Is Good
41. POLKA DOT(March-Two Step) By Female Composer Bess Rudisill 1912 "Polka Dot" Design. inside mend on few edge tears, moderate wear, tiny back cover nick, Condition Is Good++
42. SHIMMY FOXTROT.L.Muskantor. Circa Late Teens Foreign Publication. Great Vivid Drawing Fur Draped Flapper & Admirers. line creases, inside mend, moderate wear, backcover ink names, Condition Is Good+
43. SOUTHERN SMILES(March-Two Step) E.Harry Kelly 1903 Beautiful Gals. few tiny nicks, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++
44. TANGOMANIA.Egbert Van Alstyne 1914. Neat Graphics Tango Dancing Couple Surrounded By Dozens Of Miniature Dancers. inside taped spine, small backcover nicks,moderate wear, Condition Is Good++
45. TINGLE TANGLE (Fox Trot). Harry Von Tilzer 1914. Adorable Gal With Foxes On Leach.moderate wear, bottom line crease, Conditioon Is Good++
46. ANNAPOLIS.Weinberg & Bibo1929. Photo John Mack Brown & Co-Star. light wear, few tiny edge tears, Otherwise Condition Is Very Good. Minimum.Bid $8
47. For Your Country And My Country. ALEXANDER'S RAGTIME BAND. Irving Berlin 1938 Movie. Alice Faye, Ethel Merman Plus Others. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
48. Away All Boats. AWAY ALL BOATS!. Adelson, F&A Skinner 1956. Photo Julie Adams,George Nader. few stickers on cover, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $8
49. Home Made Heaven. A BEDTIME STORY. Robin & Rainger 1933.Photo Maurice Chevalier. light wear,Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $8
50. Lost April. THE BISHOP'S WIFE. Emil Newman,Edgar DeLange,Herbert Spencer 1948.Photo Cary Grant Playing Harp.inside pencil notations,moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $8
51. Falling In Love Again. THE BLUE ANGEL. Frederich Hollander 1930. Photo Marlene name, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $8
52. I Can't Give You Anything But Love. BORN YESTERDAY.Dorothy Fields & Jimmy McHugh 1951 Movie. Photos Judy Holliday,William Holden & Broderick Crawford. Condition Very Good.Minimum Bid $10
53. Boy On A Dolphin. BOY ON A DOLPHIN. Paul F.Webster,Hugo Friedhofer 1957.Photos Sophia Loren,Alan Ladd & Clifton Webb. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $10
54. Broadway Rose.BROADWAY ROSE. Eugene West,Fried,Spencer 1920.Photo Mae Murray.inside taped spine, corner nick,moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $8
55. It's A Whistle-In' Kinda Mornin'. THE CADDY. Jack Brooks,Harry Warren 1953.Photos Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis,Donna Reed.Golf Cover! light wear,Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
56. Could I Be In Love? CHAMPAGNE WALTZ. Leo Robin,William Daly 1936.Photo Fred MacMurray & Co-Star. music store stamp, ink name, light wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $8
57. Paradise In Waltz Time. CHAMPAGNE WALTZ. Sam Coslow,Frederick Hollander 1937.Photo Fred MacMurray & Co-Star.light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $8
58. The Princess Waltz. CINDERFELLA. Jack Brooks,Harry Warren,Walter Scharf 1960.Norman Rockwell Art Of Jerry Lewis Plus Co-Stars. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
59. Dreamy Hawaiian Moon. COCOANUT GROVE. Harry Owens 1938.Photo Fred MacMurray & Harriet Hilliard. moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $8
60. Marianna. THE COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR.P.F.Webster,Alfred Newman 1962. Images William Holden & Lilli Palmer + Movie Scenes. Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $8
61. I'll Dream Tonight. COWBOY FROM BROOKLYN. Johnny Mercer,Richard A.Whiting 1938.Photo Dick Powell,Priscilla Lane. moderate wear, faint line creases,Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $8
62. Jungle Drums. DANCING CO-ED. C.Lombardo,O'Flynn,Ernesto Lecuona.1933 Photos Artie Shaw & Lana Turner. name stamp,large number stamp,moderate wear, Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $10
63. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett. Walt Disney TVProduction DAVY CROCKETT & THE RIVER PIRATES.Blackburn,Bruns 1979.Photo Fess Parker. Mickey Mouse On Back.Condition Very Good.Min.$10
64. Rockabye Boogie. EARL CARROLL VANITIES. Kim Gannon,Walter Kent 1945. Dennis O'Keefe,Constance Moore, name, spine area scuffs,Condition Is Good.Minimum Bid $8
65. Ragtime Violin. EASTER PARADE. Irving Berlin. 1948 Movie.Photo Judy Garland & Fred Astaire. moderate wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $15
66. Melody Farm. EVERYBODY SING.Kahn,Kaper,Jurmann 1937.Photo Judy Garland. music store stamp, light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $13
67. Since I Found You. FAST LIFE.Herman Ruby,Ray Perkins 1929.Photo Douglas Fairbanks,Jr.& Loretta Young. some wear, inside mend, Condition Is Good/Fair.Minimum Bid $8
68. A Needle In A Haystack. THE GAY DIVORCEE. Herb Magidson,Con Conrad 1934. Images Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $13
69. Nowhere Guy. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR.Mack Gordon,Josef Myrow 1953. Photo Dan Dailey,June Haver, Dennis Day. double price sticker on bottom, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $8
70. Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue. HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL. Sam Lewis,Ray Henderson 1952 Movie. Photo Rock Hudson & Comical Scenes By Famous Jazz Age Cartoonist John Held,Jr. ink name, stains from old tape on edge of front cover and inside. Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $25
71. I'll Blame The Waltz Not You. HERE COMES THE GROOM.Mack Gordon,Harry Revel 1934.Great Photo Jack Haley & Co-Star.number mark,tiny nick,moderate wear,small edge tears,Condition Is Good+.Min. Bid $13
72. Harlem Sandman. HIT PARADE OF 1943.Harold  Adamson,Jule Styne 1943.Photo Susan Hayward,John Carroll. two line creases, Otherwise Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $8
73. Abraham. HOLIDAY INN. Irving Berlin 1942.Photo Fred Astaire,Bing Crosby.light wear, "complimentary" stamp, Otherwise Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
74. On Top Of The World,Alone.INNOCENTS OF PARIS.Leo Robin,Richard A.Whiting 1929.Photo Maurice Chevalier & Co-Star. surface wear bottom border,Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $8
75. Give Me A Little Kiss, Will You Huh? LADY ON A TRAIN. Roy Turk,Jack Smith,(Maceo Pinkard Black Composer)1945.Beautiful Photo Deanna Durbin.moderate wear, Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $10
76. Land Of The Pharaohs.LAND OF THE PHARAOHS.Ned Washington & Dimitri Tiomkin 1955.Photo Sexy Joan Collins.moderate wear, faint line crease spin area,Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $10
77. When My Heart Says Sing.LET'S MAKE A NIGHT OF IT.Jimmy Kennedy,Michael Carr 1937.Photo Buddy Rogers. price sticker,Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $10
78. Namely You. LIL ABNER.Johnny Mercer,Gene dePaul 1956.Montage Photos Of Cast. stain from price sticker removed, Otherwise Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $10
79. Be Optimistic.LITTLE MISS BROADWAY.Bullock,Spina 1938. Delightful Photos Shirley Temple. light  edge wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $25
80. I'm A Black Sheep Who's Blue. LITTLE MISS MARKER.Leo Robin Ralph Rainger 1934. Photo Shirley Temple & Cast. light wear,Condition Is Very Good.Minimum Bid $15
81. You're Gonna Dance With Me Baby.LIVING IT UP. Bob Hilliard,Jule Styne 1953. Photo Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. light wear,small corner crease, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
82. Doo-ah Doo-ah Know What I'm Doing. THE LOUD SPEAKER. Roy Turk,Harry Akst 1934. Photo Ray Walker & Jacqueline Wells. top corner clip, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $13
83. The Garden Of Imagining.TV Production MARCO POLO. Edward Eager,Clay Warnick,Mel Pahl 1956.Photo Alfred Drake & Doretta Morrow. light wear, sticker stain, Condition Is Good++.Min. Bid $15
84. The New Frankie & Johnny. MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS.Sammy Cahn,Johnny Green 1955. Photo Cyd Charisse & Male Dance Partner + 7 Great Back Cover Photos Of Ballet Scenes.10 Pages Of Words & Music. Cyd's upper torso was outlined in pencil,inside pencil notations, ink name,Condition Is Good+ Min. Bid $15
85. We Said Hello Again. NO MORE WEST.Charles O'Flynn,Frank Weldon 1934. Early Photo Jack Benny. ink name, few small back cover stains, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $8
86. Everybody's Darling. THE PAINTED ANGEL. Herman Ruby,M.K.Jerome 1929. Photo Billie Dove. inside taped spine, small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $8
87. Buckskin Beauty. PARDNERS. Sammy Cahn,James Van Heusen 1956. Photos Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
88. Moonlight On The Sunset Trail. PARTNERS OF THE PLAINS. Ralph Freed,Burton Lane 1938. Photo Wm. Boyd As"Hopalong Cassidy" inside pencil notations, moderate surface wear,Condition Is Good.Min.Bid $15
89. The Calypso Song. THE PETTY GIRL.Johnny Mercer,Harold Arlen 1950. Lovely Image Of "The Petty Girl" Joan Caulfield. moderate wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $15
90. This Must Be Illegal.SEA LEGS.George Marion,Jr.,Ralph Rainger,W.Franke Harling 1930. Photo Jack Oakie & Lillian Roth.bumpy from water damage, small sticker & date stamp,Condition Is Fair/Good. Min.$8
91. The Searchers(Ride Away) THE SEARCHERS. Stan Jones 1956. Photo John Wayne,Jeffrey Hunter,Vera Mills & Movie Scene. light wear,Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $25
92.  The Shepherd Of The Hills. THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS. Edgar Leslie,Horatio Nicholls 1927. Photo Molly O'Day & Dog. ink name, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $8
93. One Little Boy. TV Production THE STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN. Janice Torre, Fred Spielman 1956. Image Of  "Scrooge". Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
94. Abou Ben Boogie(Sheik Boogie Woogie).SWING SYMPHONY.Tot Seymour, Vee Lawnhurst 1944. Walt Lantz Cartoon Movie.Pretty Arabian Gal. name stamp, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++.Min.Bid $25
95. What Can You Do With A General. WHITE CHRISTMAS. Irving Berlin. 1948(English Publication).Photo Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye + Co-Stars. light wear, faint store stamp,Condition Is Good++.Min.Bid $15
96. Like Swallow Flying. ADELE.Edward Paulton,Jean Briquet,Adolf Philipp 1913 Large Format. Drawing Pretty Gal. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $10
97. My Heart's In The Middle Of July.ALL FOR LOVE. Allan Roberts,Lester Lee 1949. Photo Grace & Paul Hartman,Bert Wheeler.light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $8
98. Ah! Woe Is Me. THE AMEER.(Frederic Ranken?) & Victor Herbert 1899 Large Format. Design Cover. removed from bound volume(slight trim),light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $10
99. Riddle Me This. BALLYHOO OF 32. E.Y.Harburg,Lewis Gensler 1932.Russell Patterson Graphics Of Showgirls and Stage Door Johnnies. inside taped spine,moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $13
100. Tinkle Tune.BATTLING BUTTLER("Buttler" Spelled  With Two T's).Ballard MacDonald,Adorjan Otvos,Louis Breau 1923.Cameos Of Ladies.moderate wear,light color bleed,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $13
101. On The Z-R-3. BIG BOY. Sam Lewis,Joe Young,Walter Donaldson 1924. Photo Al Jolson. small ink name, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $15
102. I'm Sure Of Your Love. BILLION DOLLAR BABY. Comden & Green,Morton Gould 1945. Drawing Pretty Gal With Champagne Glass. small back cover ink name, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $8
103. Chinese Love Song. THE CANDY SHOP. John L.Golden 1909 Large Format. Drawing Pretty Gal Behind Candy Counter. light wear,light back cover stain(spine area) Otherwise Condition Is Very Good. Min. Bid $13
104. Witches. CENTURY MIDNIGHT WHIRL.Jos. McCarthy,John Henry Mears,Harry Tierney 1919. Drawing Gent/Pretty Gal.inside taped spine,removed from bound volume,slighty bumpy,slt.trim,Condition Is Good.Min.$8
105. A Man Never Marries A Wife. COURTIN' TIME.Jack Lawrence,Don Walker 1951.Drawing Three Gals On Hayride. Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $10
106. Would You Like To Change From Miss To Mrs.? THE EARL & THE GIRL Addison Burkhardt, Albert Von Tilzer 1905 Large Format. Photo Eddie Foy,Drawing Of Cupid.inside taped spine, light color bleed,moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $10
107. Anna Louis(Of Louisiana). EARL CARROLL SKETCH BOOK. Norman Zeno,Will Irwin 1935. Drawing Pretty Gal. inside mends on few small edge tears, light wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $15
108. Sentimental Sally. EARL CARROLL'S VANITIES OF 1925. Billy Rose, Clarence Gaskill 1925. Drawing Lovely Gal In Ornate Gown. moderate wear, light inside mends,Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $8
109. I'm To Be A Blushing Bride. THE FASCINATING WIDOW.1911 Large Format. Photo Popular Cross Dresser Julian Eltinge In Drag & As Himself. moderate wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $15
110. I Could Give Up Anything But You. FOLLOW THRU. 1928 DeSylva,Brown,Henderson. Drawing Golf Balls. music store stamp, small pencil number marks,moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $8
111. It's In The Stars. FOURTEEN CARAT FOOL.Ted Mossman,Sammy Ostrow,Gordon Vanderburg 1957 Published In Hollywood,CA.Neat Photo Of Composers.light wear,Condition Is Very Good. Min.Bid $13
112. There's Life In The Old Dog Yet. THE GIRL BEHIND THE GUN. P.G.Wodehouse, Ivan Caryll (1918 Standard Format). Patriotic Design Cover.moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Min.Bid $10
113. I Gotta Have You. THE GIRLS AGAINST THE BOYS. Arnold Horwitt, Richard Lewine 1959. Cute Drawing Gal's High Heeled Legs On Gents Head. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $8
114. Silver Apron Strings. GRAND STREET FOLLIES. Agnes Morgan, Max Ewing 1927. Drawing Lovely Dancing Gal. name stamp on image,few tiny nicks, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $13
115. Don't Let It Get You Down(Love Is A Lovely Thing). HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS. E.Y.Harburg,Burton Lane 1940. Drawing Cowboy & Map. two horizontal folds, pencil number,moderate wear,Condition Good.Min.Bid $8
116. The Tattooed Man. THE IDOL'S EYE. Harry B.Smith, Victor Herbert 1897 Large Format. Drawing Oriental Idol With Four Hands. inside taped spine, light inside mends,moderate wear,Condition Good+.Min.Bid $10
117. Nothing's Ever Quite Like This. JOTHAM VALLEY. Cecil Broadhurst,Frances Roots Hadden 1951. Drawing Family Scenes. ink name, name stamp,corner crease,moderate wear,Condition Good+.Min.Bid $8
118. Little Girl I Love You. JUMPING JUPITER. Richard Carle,Karl Hoschna 1911 Large Format. Photo Richard Carle. inside taped spine, moderate wear, light inside mend,Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $10
119. Somebody Like You. JUNE LOVE. Brian Hooker,Rudolf Friml 1920.Flower Design Cover. inside taped spine, insert page corner clipped(Music Not Affected),inside mends,some wear,Condition Fair. Min. Bid $8
120. I've Got A Cookie Jar But No Cookies. JUST A MINUTE.Walter O'Keefe,Harry Archer 1928. Drawing Pretty Gal & Clock. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
121. You'll Kill 'Em. JUST A MINUTE. Walter O'Keefe,Harry Archer. 1928. Drawing Pretty Gal & Clock. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
122. Like A Real, Real Man. THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER. Anne Caldwell, Victor Herbert 1912 Large Format. Photos Elsie Janis,Montgomery & Stone."Victor Herbert" name stamp, faint edge stain, moderate wear,Condition Good++.Minimum Bid $13
123. I Was A Very Good Baby. LISTEN LESTER. Harry Cort,Geo.Stoddard,Harold Orlob (1918 Standard Format).Dwg. Pretty Gal On Phone. ink name, moderate wear, few tiny scuffs,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $8
124. Beautiful. MADAME APHRODITE. Jerry Herman 1961. Drawing Lady's Hand & Brewing Cauldron.light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $13
125. Stop, Go! THE MADCAP.Clifford Grey,Maurie Rubens,J.Fred Coots 1927. name stamp, inside mends on small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $8
126. I Fell In Love With Polly. THE MAID AND THE MUMMY. Richard Carle 1904 Large Format. Vivid Drawing Pretty Gal,Egyptian Mummy & stamps, light wear,Condition Is Very Good. Min.Bid $15
127. It's A Windy Day On The Battery. MAYTIME. Rida Johnson Young,Sigmund Romberg 1917 Large Format. Drawing Pretty Gal & Butterfly. small ink name, light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
128. At The Court Around The Corner. MUSIC BOX REVUE. Irving Berlin. 1921.Music Box Dancer.Song About stamp, pencil date,moderate wear,light inside mend,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $25
129. When There's No Light At All. OVER THE RIVER. John L.Golden 1911 Large Format. Photo Eddie Foy. ink name, inside mends on edge tears, moderate wear,Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $10
130. Make It Another Old-Fashioned, Please. PANAMA HATTIE. Cole Porter 1940. Drawing Palm Trees. light stain from sticker removed, light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $10
131. Nearer And Dearer. PASSING SHOW OF 1923. Haven Gillespie, Egbert Van Alstyne 1923. Photo Terrific Stage Scene, Elegant Costumes! light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $15
132. Since Little Dolly Dimple Made A Hit. PIFF! PAFF! POUF! Wm.Jerome, Jean Schwartz 1904 Large Format.Drawing Men Blowing Smoke.piece missing back cover(Music Not Affected)edge tears, inside mends,Condition Is Fair.Min.Bid $8
133. Two Make A Home. POPPY. Dorothy Donnelly,Stephen Jones,Arthur Samuels 1923. Photo Madge Kennedy. pencil name, small edge tears, light stamp,moderate surface wear,Condition Is Good.Min.$8
134. Who Is To Know. THE QUEEN OF THE MOVIES.Edward Paulton,Glen Mac Donough,Jean Gilbert 1913 Large Format.Drawing Pretty Gal.small edge tears, moderate wear,Condition Is Good++. Min.Bid $15
135. The Schnitza Komisski. SALLY. Clifford Grey,Jerome Kern 1921. Photo Marilynn Miller & Leon Errol. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $15
136. Any Way The Wind Blows. SHADY LADY.Bud Green,Cliff Friend,Sam Stept 1933. Drawing Dancing Gal."Complimentary" stamp, light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
137. The Wrath Of Achilles. SING MUSE! Erich Segal,Joseph Raposo 1961. Drawing Roman Couple. Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $13
138. Cakewalk Your Lady. ST.LOUIS WOMAN.Johnny Mercer,Harold Arlen 1946. Drawing Black Couple Cake Walking. moderate wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $10
139. Hangin' Around With You. STRIKE UP THE BAND. Ira & George Gershwin 1929. Drawing Pretty  Drum Major. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $18
140. The Smiling Isle. THE SULTAN OF SULU. George Ade, Alfred Wathall 1902 Large Format. Cameo Drawing Two Comical Sultans. inside taped spine, few tiny nicks, light wear, Condition Is Good++. Min.Bid $10.

141. Every Time The Clock Ticks. TOP HOLE. Eugene Conrad, Robert Braine 1923. Neat  Drawing Of Golfer In Scotch Attire. small number mark, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $25
142. Feeling I'm Falling. TREASURE GIRL. Ira & George Gershwin. 1928. Floral Design Cover. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $18
143. Not To Say Goodbye. TRICKS OF THE TRADE. A.W."Mickey" Hart 1964 Published In Salt Lake City, Utah By Hart Bros.  Photo Jackie Coogan,Jr. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $15
144. My Garden Of Memory. TWINKLE TOES. Z. Myers, I.B.Kornblum 1920. Drawing Beautiful Dancing Gal. inside taped spine, border mends inside & back cover, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid. $15
145. I Want To Be Good(But They Won't Let Me). THE VICTORY GIRL. Frank Fay, Dave Dreyer (1918 Standard Format).Photo Justine Johnston.Delightful Lyrics! small name stamp, moderate wear, Good+.M-$10
146. Georgia Land. THE WALL STREET GIRL. Arthur Fields, Harry Carroll 1912 Large Format. Large Toned Photo Blanche Ring & Cowboy Will Carleton.Back Cover Missing(Music Is Complete),inside taped spine, small ink name, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $13
147. ALOHA SUNSET LAND(HAWAIIAN REVERIE). Ioane Kawelo 1916. Neat Drawing Island Trees With Shiny Silver Mountain & Moon.  ink name, line creases,Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $15
148. CAPTAIN BETTY.(One Step-Two Step) Lionel Baxter 1914. Drawing Pretty Military Gal Saluting. moderate wear, small hand sewing along spine, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $8
149. HERALD SQUARE(Two Step & March) J.Alex Silberberg. Drawing Herald Square, New York City.Dedicated To The NY Herald Paper. tiny name stamps.light wear,Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $13
150. LEADING LADY WALTZES. L.Comstock 1902. Photo Miss Eva Taylor. tiny nick,moderate wear, Min. $8
151. MASONIC MARCH. W.B.Ash 1912. Pub.In San Fran.,CA. Logo "On To1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition" inside taped spine, inside mends,ink name ,moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.$13
152. MEXICANA. Percy Wenrich 1905. Vivid Art Lovely Latin Gal. moderate wear,Condition Good++.Min.$15
153. ORIENTAL(One Step). Vincent Rose 1917. Drawing Attractive Egyptian Gal. small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $8
154. PANDERELLA(A Ballet Dance).J.Stanley Royce 1914. Drawing Charming Ballerina. Dedicated To Mme.Anna Pavlowa" (Noted Inside). moderate wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $8
155. THE TANGO DEL MAURICE. Silvio Hein 1912. Wonderful Large Photo Noted Dance Team Maurice And Florence Walton. moderate wear, few tiny edge tears, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $15
156. VALSE MAUVE. (Composed By J.N.Laraia?) 1912 Music Introduced In Show "Peg O'My Heart " Published By Southern Cal.Music Co.Los Angeles.Cameo Photo Laurette Taylor With Lovely Purple Graphics Of Dancers. Impressive Art. few tiny edge tears,moderate wear,Condition Is Good++.Min.$25

157. ADMIRAL SAMPSON'S VICTORY MARCH.(Instr) Geo.Maywood 1896.Portrait Spanish American War Admiral Sampson.inside taped spine,tape on spine,inside mends,mod.wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $25
158. AMERICAN CONQUEROR.(Instr)Clarence McRoy 1901.Photo Spanish American War Commodore Winfield Scott Schley & His Flagship USS Brooklyn. moderate wear, Condition Is Good+.Min.$30
159. CAPTAIN JINKS OF THE HORSE MARINES.(Song)Arr.By Charles Pratt 1868.Fine Litho Entertainer "Lingard" (Shiny Gold Touches),removed from bound volume,moderate wear,Condition Is Good++.Min.Bid $15
160. CARRY ON FOR GENERAL MAC ARTHUR(Song)Aubrey Stauffer.1942 Standard Format. Handsome Drawing Of WWll General.Published In Los Angeles,CA.light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $10
161. FUNSTON'S FIGHTING 20th(HEROS OF CALUMPIT) 1899 Published In Kansas City,MO.Dedicated To Spanish American War Hero Brigadier General F. P. Funston & The 20th Kansas Regiment USV. Neat Image Of Eagle & Exploding Cannon Ball.taped spine, inside mends,slt.trim,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $28
162. GET BEHIND THE GIRLS BEHIND THE BOYS(YMCA) WWI Song.Nat Goldstein 1918. Dwg Pretty Uniformed Gal,Troops,YMCA Logo.inside & back mending, moderate wear,Condition Is Fair/Good. Min. $10
163. THE GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND HIM HAS THE HARDEST FIGHT.WWI Song.Bryan,Ruby.1918.Dwg.Yank & Sweetheart,Troops Aboard Train. light wear,tiny nick & trim, Condition Is Good++.Min.Bid $15
164. HERE COME THE LEGION(Song).Eugene McLane 1946 Standard Format.Vanity Publication By Composer In  Bethlehem,PA.Drawing American Legion Marchers.Photo Composer.light wear,Min.Bid $8
165. JUST STAY THIS SIDE OF THE POND.Pre-WWII Song.Irwin Palmer 1938 Standard Format. Vanity   Pub.By Composer In South Dakota.Vivid Image Eagle,Old Glory,War Clouds. Condition Good+,Min.Bid $13
166. THE LIBERTY LOAN MARCH(Inst)John P.Sousa 1918 Patriotic Drawing Statue Of Liberty,Uncle Sam At Base Of Statue Selling Bonds.slight trim, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $15
167. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND THE RED,WHITE AND BLUE.WWI Song Vanity Pub.By Jay Tower In Portland,OR.1917 Dwg.Yanks & Gal,Cupid & Eagles.moderate wear,few edge tears,Condition Is Good.M-$10
168. ON THE SIDEWALKS OF BERLIN.WWI Song.E.C.Keithley.1918 Great Drawing Yanks & Allies Marching Through Berlin With Kaiser's Helmet. light wear, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $15
169. OUR GALLANT NINETY FIRST(WILD WEST DIVISION) WWI Song Thomas Bruce 1919(Large Format).Vivid Drawing Of Fighting Troops. inside mends,moderate wear,Condition Fair/Good.Min.Bid $10
170. SHE WAS A SOLDIER'S SWEETHEART.WWI Song Rosenfield,Church 1918.Drawings Of Yanks & Photo Evelyn Esme. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
171. STAND BY AMERICA.WWII Era Song.A.H.Ackley 1939 Standard Format. Dedicated To Indiana VFW.Drawing Old Glory & VFW Logo,Photo Members.slighty bumpy,Condition Fair/Good.Min. $8
172. THAT RED CROSS GIRL OF MINE.WWI Song E.C.Cannon 1917. Nice Drawing Of Red Cross Nurse.line creases, stain, moderate wear, Condition Is Fair/Good.Minimum Bid $8
173. TOAST TO THE ARMY AIR CORPS.WWII Song Johnny Baker 1943 Standard Format. Photo Air Corp Pilot & Plane.line creases, color bleed mostly back cover,Condition Fair. Minimum Bid $8
174. WHEN THE KAISER DOES THE GOOSE-STEP TO A GOOD OLD AMERICAN RAG.WWI Rag Song.Frost,Neader.Dwgs.The Kaiser,Sousa,Yanks,Black Musicians.inside mends,Condition Is Good.M-$13
175. AMELIA EARHART'S LAST FLIGHT(Song) Dave McEnery (Standard Format)1939  Original Not A Later Edition.Photo Amelia Earhart. light wear,Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $20
176. ANGEL CHILD.(Song)George Price,Abner Silver,Benny Davis 1922(40's Edition) Standard Format.Photo Glenn Miller. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $25
177. APPLE VALLEY ROMANCE.(Song)Jimmie Hodges,Bob Nichols 1959(Standard Format). Drawing Cowboy,Back Cover Photo Resort & Detailed Map Pinpointing Apple Valley,CA.mod. wear, Good++Min.$15
178. BLACK CAT MARCH(Instr) John Schuler.1898 Drawing Great Black Cat.small name stamp, inside mends, moderate wear,Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $28.

179. DATE IN '48. 1948 Republican Campaign Song. Charles Lee,Meyer Davis 1948(Standard Format).Patriotic Drawing Pres.Lincoln,Old Glory,Elephant. folded for mailing,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $13.

180. THE ELECTRIC WIZARD(Instr) F.H.Losey 1908.Terrific Drawing Of Wizard Displaying Sparks Of Electricity On His Magical Wand. Vandersloot Pub.light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $25
181. THE FIRST LADY WALTZ(Song) Comden & Green, Jule Styne.Autographed By Jule Styne 1960 Stnd.Format.Ded.To Pres.& Mrs.Eisenhower.Photo Capitol Bldg.border creases,mod.wear,G+.Min.$15
182. GOV.MORTON'S GRAND MARCH(Instr) Adam Kurek 1843. Great Litho Of Marcus Morton, Governor Of Massachuetts. removed from bound volume,moderate foxing,Condition Is Good++. Minimum.Bid $35
183. HONEYMOON FOR THREE(Song) R&M Lynn 1949 (Standard Format).Colorful Drawing Bride & Groom + Gift Wrapped 1949 Chevy Car.Back Cover Ad. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $18
184. I'LL BE YOUR RAIN-BEAU(Song) Gardenier,Helf. 1902 Beautiful Gal, Vivid Graphics! Insert Photo Emma Carus.Song From Show "The Defender". slightly trimmed, Condition Is Good++.Minimum Bid $13.

185. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT I CAN DO FOR YOU?(Song) Irving Berlin,Ted Snyder 1910. Drawing Cute Lovers, small name stamp, inside mends,line creases,Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $18.

186. JANTZEN HOP(Song)De Forest,Grothe 1931(Stnd. Format).Great  Dwg. Art Deco Models In "Jantzen" Swim Wear.Back Cover Dwg."Jantzen"Amusement Beach Park(Portland,OR) Featuring Roller Coaster,Boat&Plane Rides.Cover Song Credits Are Not On A Label.light wear,Condition Is Good++. Min.$25
187. A LITTLE FARTHER.(Song) Gunsky,Goldstein 1914 Published In San Francisco,CA.Drawing Lovers In Automobile. Neat Suggestive Lyrics!! light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $25
188. MARCELLONIE.(Song) Sam Dicker,Al Hoffman 1923(Standard Format).Terrific Stylized Art Of Ornate Costumed Gal By Noted Female Illustrator Rose Silver. Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $18
189. MICKEY MOUSE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY.(Song) Tobias,Rothberg,Meyer 1936(Standard Format) Walt Disney Cartoons:Mickey & Minnie Mouse,Donald Duck Plus Others.moderate wear,Good+ Min.$25
190. MY CAIRO MAID.(Song)DeSylva,Foster,Schonberg 1917. Drawing Egyptian Gal,Pyramids. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $10
191. MY PRETTY POPPY.(Song)Robert  Levenson, Jack Mendelsohn 1918. Drawing Beautiful Japanese Gal Surrounded By Poppy Flowers. moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $13
192. O MY LUVE IS LIKE A RED,RED ROSE.(Song) Robert Burns,Music By John Koch 1960(Standard Format) Drawing Of Stem stamp, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Min. Bid $10
193. ONLY A NEWSBOY(Song) Arthur Lamb,John May 1898.Vintage Photo Police Officer With Newsboy & Drawing Of Newsboy Selling Papers."Ded.To Urchins Of The Street".Condition Good++.Min.Bid $18
194. OUR LEADER MARCH(Instr)L.Jeunehomme 1937(Standard Format)Photo Pres.Franklin D.Roosevelt & Composer Vanity Publication, Denver,CO.tiny name stamp,moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $15
195. PIANO MAN.(Song) Irving Berlin,Ted Snyder 1910.Drawing Pianist. inside taped spine, moderate wear, light pencil name, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $18
196. PRINCE OF PYRAMID LAND.(Song) Gladys Dennis,Harry H.Williams 1915. Impressive Drawing Couple On Camel,Sphinx,Pyramids.light ink name, light wear,Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
197. REAL ESTATE PAPA(YOU AIN'T GONNA SUB-DIVIDE ME) Song.Eugene West,Carl Perillo 1927 (Standard Format)Photo Sophie Tucker,Drawing Sexy Gal. From Show "Gay Paree".Good++.Min.$15
198. RICHARD NIXON WALTZ(Song) Lee Ice 1970 Standard Format.Great Photo Pres.Nixon & Nancy Hanks,Chairman Of Natl.Arts Council. light wear, Condition Is Very Good. Minimum Bid $18.

199. ROOSEVELT MARCH(Instr) H.Welcker 1902 Published In San Francisco,CA. Great Photo Teddy Roosevelt. small edge tears, moderate wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $35
200. A ROSE GARDEN.(Song)Julian Orme,Anton Strelezki 1901(Standard Format).Drawing Tiny Red Rose. inside taped spine, moderate wear, Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $10
201. SAHARA(MY SWEET SAHARA JANE).(Song)Harry Williams,Egbert Van Alstyne 1908. Beautiful Egyptian Gal. name stamp, inside taped spine,moderate wear, Condition Is Good++.Min.Bid $13.

202. SHE USED TO BE THE SLOWEST GIRL IN TOWN.(Song)Chas.McCarron,Raymond Walker 1914. Terrific Large Photo Al Jolson From Show "Dancing Around" inside taped spine,slight trim,moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Minimum Bid $15
203. SINCE MA IS PLAYING MAH JONG.(Song)Billy Rose,Con Conrad 1924 (Standard Format).Photo Eddie Cantor,"Mah Jong" Tiles,Oriental Gal.From Show"Kid Boots"mod.wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.$15
204. SOMETIME(ALL THE WORLD HE SMILE AT YOU) An Indian Prophecy Song By "C.Sharpe Minor".1919 Standard Format.Excellent American Indian Bold Graphics!mod.wear,tiny nick,Condition Is Good+.M-$10
205. STROLLING 'LONG THE PIKE(Song)Feist,Bennett 1904 St.Louis Expo Graphics. International Mix Of Foreign Costumed Strollers At The Expo.brown taped spine, moderate wear,Condition Is Good.Min.Bid $10
206. THE TROLLEY CAR SWING.(Song)Joe Young,Bert Grant 1912. Nice Drawing Of Crowded Trolley Car With Conductor. few edge tears,moderate wear,Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
207. VALLEY FLOWER.(Song) Kerry Mills 1910.Vivid Drawing Pretty Indian Maiden. inside taped spine, small nick, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+. Minimum Bid $10
208. WE ARE WITH YOU, WENDEL WILLKIE.(Song)Gene Fifer 1940(Standard Format).Patriotic Graphics With Nice Photo Wendell Willkie. light wear, Condition Is Good++. Minimum Bid $13
209. WHEN IT RAINS, SWEETHEART,WHEN IT RAINS.(Song) Irving Berlin. Drawing Couple In The names, small hole top area,few tiny nicks, moderate wear,Condition Is Good. Minimum Bid $22
210. YOU'RE WELCOME BACK TO CALIFORNIA.B.P.O.E. Song 1915 Earl Carroll From Show "So Long Letty" Large Drawing Handsome Elk.moderate wear, line crease,Condition Is Good+.Min. Bid $18
211. ANGEL WORM WIGGLE.Schwartz,Lorch 1910(Large Format).Pretty Dancing Gal-Photo Gene Green. moderate wear, inside mends,inside taped spine Good+.Min.Bid $10
212. BELLE OF THE BARBER'S BALL.Geo.M.Cohan 1908(Large Format).Photo George M. Cohan.brown taped spine, inside mends on edge tears, Good+.Min.Bid $10
213. CALL ME UP ON THE MASON DIXON LINE.Mitchell Parish,Pease,Nelson 1920.Couple On Telephone.taped spine,moderate wear, Good+.Min.Bid $8
214. CHINGA LING A LOO.Max Hoffman 1901(Lge.)Neat Chinese Dragon.inside mends,Good++.Min.Bid $8
215. CHINWAH. Reid,DeRose,1919(Lge)Oriental Gal,Incense Burner.few nicks,inside taped spine,G++ $8
Reid,DeRose1919(Lg)Oriental Gal,Incense Burner.few nicks,inside taped spine,Good++.M-$8
216. COLLEGIANA.Dorothy Field,Jimmy McHugh 1928.Art Deco Dancers.Several Colleges In stamp, moderate wear,pencil name, Good++.Min.Bid $8
217. DEVIL MAY CARE.Johnny Burke,Harry Warren 1940.Photo Glen name,lt.wear,Good++.Min.$6
218. FOUR LETTER VARSITY MAN.Milton Drake 1933.Geo.Olsen,EthelShutta,Sports.mod.wear,Good+.M.$6
219. HER SKIRT WENT A LITTLE BIT HIGHER.Chas.Hoyt,Richard Stahl 1896(Large Format).Neat Photo Cissy Fitzgerald Lifting Her Skirt "A Little Bit Higher" moderate wear, Good++.Min.Bid $10
220. HELLO,ALOHA,HELLO.Johnson,Meyer 1917(Large Format).Pretty Hawaiian Gal Playing Guitar.back cover nick, moderate wear,Good+. Min.Bid $10
221. I LIKE IKE.Irving Berlin.Photo Pres.Eisenhower 1952. line crease,Otherwise Good++.Min.Bid $15
222. I'M A'BRINGING UP THE FAMILY.Franklin,Green 1909(Lge)Great Photo Irene Franklin.Very Good.M-$10
223. I'M GONNA BUY A ONE-WAY TICKET TO A LITTLE ONE HORSE TOWN.Mitchell Parrish,Young,Squires 1922.Country Town Train Depot.line crease,mod.wear, Good+. Min.Bid $6
224. LADY OF THE LAKE.Mitchell Parish,Daly.1923.Lovely Gal In name,inside mend,Good+.M-$8
225. LAUGHING WATER.West,Gold.1919.Photo Indian Gal.line creases,Condition Is Fair/Good.Min.Bid $6
226. LITTLE JO DAUGHTER OF THE NORTH.H.Weeks 1919.Cute Eskimo Gal.mod.wear,Good.Min.Bid $6
227. LONG CHEER(Yale Song)Chappell,Sheffield,1927.Yale name,Good++.Min.Bid $8
228. MASCULINE WOMEN! FEMININE MEN!Leslie,Monaco1925.Neat Related stamp,G+M-10
229. ME AND MY MELINDA.Irving Berlin.1942. Design Cover. light name stamp,line crease,G++.M-$8
230. MY GIRL USES MINERALAVE.Eddie Cantor 1923.Photo Eddie Cantor In Blackface.Good++.M-$15
231. MY DESERT LOVE.Nathat,Cooper 1919.Egyptian Gal, stamp,Good++.M-$6
232. MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY.Cole Porter 1938.Peggy Lee.light wear,name sticker,Good++.M-$6
233. MY HONEY'S BACK.Thompson,Getsey 1918(Large Format).Photo Sophie Tucker,Drawing name, moderate wear, Condition Is Good+ Min.Bid $10
234. NEW YORK AIN'T NEW YORK ANY MORE.Rose,Brown,Henderson 1925.Portrait George stamps, inside pencil notations, inside mends on edge tears,Condition Is Good.Min.Bid $6
235. NIGHTY-NIGHT. Leslie Beacon 1941.Jimmy Dorsey.inside pencil marks,Good++. Min.Bid $6
236. SANTA BABY. Javits,Springer.Photo Eartha Kitt.1953.light wear,Good++. Min.Bid $8
237. SHE'S JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.Fred Rose 1927.Chap With Prescription & Cute Gal.moderate wear, inside mends,Good+.Min. Bid $6
238. SNOQUALIMIE JO JO.Joe Green 1944.Comical American Indian In Blanket.light wear,Good++.Min.$6
239. SATISFY ME ONE MORE TIME.F.Huddleston 1974.Neat Photo Frank Sinatra.Very Good. Min.Bid $6
240. SOUTH SEE SADIE.D.McDiarmid.South Sea Gal, Photo.Frances Langford. Very Good.Min.Bid $6
241. SUNFLOWER.Neil Diamond.1977 Adorable Cartoony Dancing Sunflowers. light wear,Min.Bid $6
242. SWALLER-TAIL COAT.Bob Miller.1933.Great Drawing Chap In Tuxedo & Cute Swaller Tailed Birds.Published By Paull-Pioneer Music Co.small name stamp, light wear,Condition Good++.Min.Bid $13
243. A TROUT NO DOUBT.Howell,Kadison.1947 Very Dapper Trout Fish.moderate edge wear,Good+.M.$6
244. A TWO CENT STAMP(BROUGHT ME BACK A MILLION DOLLAR LOVE).White,Kurtz,Ager 1935.Photo Freddy Martin,Dwg.Lovers. moderate wear,Condition Is Good+.Min.Bid $6
245. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. F.Grobee 1953.Photo Statue Of Liberty.light wear,Good++M-8
246. WHERE DO YOU GET THAT STUFF? Prohibition Song! Reda,Hummel,Bayer,Zipp.1920 Photo "Western Reserve Quartette". Pub.By Composers Cleveland,OH. inside mend,moderate wear,Good+.Min.$10
247. WHO CALLS YOU SWEET MAMA NOW? Hy Heath,Marshal Walker 1936 Handy Bros.Publication. Photo Maurice "Hickey" Harding. Condition Is Very Good. Min.Bid $8
248. YOUR BABY FOR ALL THE TIME. Will H.Smith,Jesse Green 1920.Beautiful Frederick Manning Art! Miss Annette Bade Sung In Show "The Century Midnight Whirl"few tiny nicks,Good+.Min.Bid $8

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